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14k Yellow Gold Elks Tooth Bracelet

There are some things you just don’t get to do very often, as is the case with this 14k Yellow Gold Elks Tooth Bracelet. Bracelets are one of the more difficult projects for a goldsmith, so naturally with craved the opportunity to make one here at Custom jewelry. This customers husband is an avid hunter. She wanted to incorporate 2 pieces of elk ivory into hinged 14k yellow gold bracelet. The ivory is accented with pear shaped smokey quartz. The settings holding the ivory and quartz were carved in wax and then cast. The rest of the bracelet was hand fabricated then attached to the cast pieces to complete the bracelet. The result is the 14k Yellow Gold Elks Tooth Bracelet shown below.


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Sterling Silver Hand Wound Mesh Bracelets

This project represents easily one of the most labor intensive we have taken on here at Custom. It was a true team effort; a wonderful one, but will not be repeated any time soon. One reason being a promise we made to the customers that their pieces will remain 100% unique. Another being that it’s going to take a very persuasive pitch to get us to put this much effort into another project. We welcome all comers, but it better be a passionate plea. Take a look at the video below, It condenses about 48 hours of solid work in to a convenient 4 minute package. Bear in mind that each bracelet is comprised of nearly 700 inches of sterling silver wire and 6 inches of inch wide silver sheet metal. Combine with some manual labor and you end up with pieces of very special Custom Jewelry. Enjoy.