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Hot off the Bench: Skull Engagement Ring


Skull-engagement-ringHappy Halloween, Everyone! I can’t imagine a better way to say goodbye to October than with this awesome skull engagement ring. A few weeks ago Custom Jewelry was asked to create the most perfect October engagement ring ever, and I’m thrilled that we were able to complete it before the month’s end. Our customer wanted white gold, diamonds, and skulls. Skulls aren’t a request we get everyday, so we took notice. The symbol was special to him and his soon to be bride, and he wanted us to incorporate it into the ring in a subtle way. Never ones to shy away from the unique or interesting, we got to work, and I have to say I’m thrilled with the results.

Skull-three-stone-engagement-ringThis ring features 3 diamonds, two from heirloom family rings, and a third, new one picked by the groom for his bride. To ensure the ring didn’t look too traditional, the diamonds were set as an organic cluster, rather than in a traditional three stone line. The diamonds were then accented with two realistic, but tiny skulls peeking out from underneath them. Deciding the stones and skulls speak for themselves, the ring was finished with a simple white gold euro-style shank to balance out the ring’s top weight. I have to admit, I’m in love with this ring, and haven’t been able to get enough of the teeny, tiny skulls. Custom Jewelry was thrilled to be a part of a ring so original, so outrageous, and so truly gorgeous on the hand.



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Hot off the Bench: Diamond Infinity Engagement Ring

Infinity Engagement Ring

When DeBeers came up with the slogan, A Diamond is Forever, I’m fairly certain they didn’t factor the style and panache of Custom Jewelry into their equation, but man o’ man they should have. Recently, one of our customers came in with the concept of forever, diamonds, and the infinity symbol. The result of his concept is this beautiful two stone infinity, diamond and white gold engagement ring that should totally be in an ad of some sort. Wowza!

I loved this project, as it was a bit tricky and it took Lee’s skill to finesse this ring into its beautiful final state. You see, our customer came in with two sentimental vintage stones he wanted to re-purpose into the new engagement ring. This happens a lot, but generally it happens with different types of stones — like sapphires and a diamond — not two diamonds. It may seem simple, but diamonds are tricky. Because each one is so unique in color, cut, and clarity, when you are working with more than a single diamond, you need to match them up in a way where one’s beauty doesn’t detract from the other diamond. Meaning, one diamond could outshine the other if you don’t carefully plan the design of the ring. So, if you are trying to create balance in a ring, as we were trying to do with our infinity symbol, then this get’s very tricky, very quickly, as there is the potential that one diamond’s beauty will make the ring “off-kilter.”

In order to ensure this didn’t happen, these diamonds were set in a joined bezel style setting, both conveying the infinity symbol requested of the design and bringing some symmetry to the diamonds. Then weight was added to the smaller diamond via a beautiful ribbon detailing that draws the eye closer to it, ensuring balance between the stones. In the end, we have a ring that conveys the ever-present love the customer requested, and the diamonds were cleverly combined in a way that was both eye catching and brought out the best in each one. Now, the bride-to-be has a fantastic and meaningful engagement ring that is completely unique to her, and two wonderful diamonds that will last her forever.


Infinity Symbol Engagement Ring    White Gold Infinity Engagement Ring

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Hot off the Bench: Hand-engraved white gold engagement ring and wedding band

White gold flower wedding set

There’s classic, and then there’s fairy tale. When Lee brought over this wedding set — a hand-engraved white gold and diamond engagement ring and flower band — from the bench, I blurted out, “Oh my god, did you steal these from Cinderella?!” To which I’m fairly certain he replied something like “Even Prince Charming needs a jeweler.”

Seriously though, these rings are fabulous. I know it. Lee knows it. And the lucky wearer of them knows it. It’s like a fantasy-garden grew up around her finger while she was sleeping. It’s like a fairy godmother popped out of a pumpkin and turned a garden gnome into diamond. It’s like Aladdin’s Genie floated over and gave her two of Aladdin’s three wishes. They are gorgeous: White gold, impeccable flower details, hand-engraving, and the most incredible little scroll-work on the engagement ring’s shank.

But really the craziest thing about these rings is that there was no fairy godmother, fantasy-garden, or fabled genie. Just a beautiful vision of what the rings could be, and hand-crafted artistry from a master jeweler and a master engraver. These rings were very-much created in reality. Now they’re making the wearer’s dreams come true.

Fairy-tale-white-gold-engagement-ring  Daisy-flower-white-gold-wedding-band Hand-engraved-princess-wedding-set Hand-engraved-flower-wedding-band Posy-flower-wedding-set Hand-engraved-flower-wedding-ring Secret-garden-engagement-ringCustom-flower-engagement-ring

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Scintillating 1.25 carat pear diamond and hammered gold engagement ring


This 1.25 carat pear diamond and hammered gold band engagement ring was truly a work of love. I know this because, in my experience, pear-shaped diamonds are some of the most polarizing stones in the jewelry world. You either love them or you hate them. You’re either fashion-forward, or a fashion faux pas. To all those who are getting ready to propose, consider yourself warned: know your beloved wants a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring prior to purchase. Otherwise, it’s a going to be a gamble whether your proposal will end with swooning or tears (I kid. Kind of.).

As a woman who LOVES the pear-shaped diamond engagement ring she wears on her own finger, you can imagine how floored I was when I saw what Lee had created for this awesome couple. This pear-shaped, bezel-set diamond, turns tradition on its head (literally) by turning the pear stone sideways. This cool, modern take on pears kicks this fashion-forward ring up a notch. Then combine the amazingly clear diamond with a gently-hammered yellow gold band, and you’ve got an elegantly simple, stark, modern engagement ring, and a wearer who will have fun stirring up controversy for many years to come!


east-west-pear-engagement-ring  East-west-Set-Pear-Ring  Yellow-gold-pear-engagement-ring  East-west-Set-Pear-Ring