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Hot off the Bench: Diamond & White Gold Teardrop Necklace


Occasionally I’ll see a piece of jewelry and become completely head-over-heels obsessed with it. All too often, it’s a piece of jewelry I have access to on a daily basis, and then it becomes a non-stop struggle not to spend everything I earn at our own store. This 2.4 ct (tw) diamond and white gold teardrop pendant is one such item. This is a Custom designed piece and holds approximately 30 diamonds of varying sizes, cascading from smallest to largest from top to bottom. Set in 14k white gold, it has a subtle but intense shimmer. This is a piece I see and get fuzzy headed over. It’s a piece I try on daily. It’s a piece that looks wonderful in its own beautiful simplicity, and it’s currently for sale in the shop. So stop by and check it out, and give me a chance to pull it out and swoon.

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Hot off the Bench: Diamond and Sapphire White Gold Statement Pendant


It’s not uncommon to pair diamonds with sapphires, but every once in a while they are combined in a new, statement-making way that makes you sit up a little straighter and take notice. This was the case with this fabulous diamond, sapphire, and white gold statement pendant we created for one of our clients.

Our very forward-thinking client came to us with a very clear vision. He wanted to make a pendant for his lady love. He wanted to use sapphires, diamonds, and white gold. And, he wanted the pendant to subtly reflect an M and a W, the initials of his love and himself. He even brought in illustrations of what he wanted, depicting the bold white gold lines you see in the finished product below and the stonework that bridged the metal together.

Leaving his vision in the hands of our jeweler extraordinaire, Lee took the illustration, rendered it, and worked his magic at the bench to make it a reality. The finished product is bold, clean, and significant. It depicts the love of two people by smartly joining their initials, and it is sure to make a big impact on anyone who has the pleasure of catching a glimpse of it on it’s wearer.


Custom-made-XO-Pendant  diamond-sapphire-white-gold-xo-pendant  contemporary-diamond-sapphire-pendant

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Yellow Gold Pendant with Black Onyx Coin Bezel

Several trades came into play when making this Custom Yellow Gold Pendant with Black Onyx Coin Bezel. The skills of a lapidary where required on this particular job. Specifically, those of Phillip Lagas-Rivera of That’s Brialliant. A Custom onyx bezel had to be cut to fit the coin that would be the center piece for this yellow gold pendant. The coin and its black bezel are back-set into the free form, textured gold frame with large tabs that ensure it will stay put. A one-of-a-kind, Custom piece.


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Green and Rose Gold Opal Spinner Pendant

Have you ever seen a Green and Rose Gold Opal Spinner Pendant? I hope not.  Custom jewelry, by its nature, is unique. It is a way to set your style apart from every one else. The pendant is crafted from green and rose gold, hand engraved, and set with a large Australian opal. The opal is set within a bezel that is open on both sides, so that it can be worn with either side facing out. The inner setting also spins inside its border so that the pendant has different orientation possibilities. It hangs from a 16 inch, 5mm silver cable chain. What do you think?


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Peridot Blue Topaz and Diamond Fashion Pendant

This Peridot Blue Topaz and Diamond Fashion Pendant is a perfect example of having pleased a customer on a previous job. Having free reign to design Custom jewelry is one of our best indicators that we are making customers happy.  Then given carte blanche to design a new piece with just the available stones, a shape, and size. The resulting freeform pendant came out better with both the customer’s, and Custom’s input merged into one.


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A Giveaway Celebration – Peridot and Amethyst Custom Necklace

So, about three months ago, we at Custom discovered that not only do we make the most gorgeous jewelry, we make the most gorgeous babies too!

Announcing Jasper Pearl, the newest addition to the Custom Family.


Pretty Gorgeous, Right?


In the category of gorgeous jewelry (but not as gorgeous as Jasper)  we have a Custom made, Peridot and Amethyst necklace. This one-of-a-kind pendant is completely hand fabricated from sterling silver, and set with genuine stones.


Jasper likes it:


So, in honor of Miss Jasper’s arrival, we would like to have a little Giveaway Contest, for this stunning necklace!



That’s right, Jasper! We are giving it away to one of our lucky Custom fans!

Here’s how:

First, Like us on Facebook, or add us on Twitter, or both!

Next, share us to enter the giveaway! On Facebook share our page, or link to one of our pieces you particularly love, on your wall. When you share us, be sure to tag us in your post so we can mark your entry. On Twitter mention Custom and tell others why you love us, or mention us in a link to one of our pieces, and we will mark your entry. You can enter twice a week with each format.

So, that’s up to four entries a week to win the necklace! We will announce a winner on December 20th!

Good luck and thank you for helping us celebrate the birth of Jasper Pearl!


Katie and Lee