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Hot off the Bench: Hand-engraved white gold engagement ring and wedding band

White gold flower wedding set

There’s classic, and then there’s fairy tale. When Lee brought over this wedding set — a hand-engraved white gold and diamond engagement ring and flower band — from the bench, I blurted out, “Oh my god, did you steal these from Cinderella?!” To which I’m fairly certain he replied something like “Even Prince Charming needs a jeweler.”

Seriously though, these rings are fabulous. I know it. Lee knows it. And the lucky wearer of them knows it. It’s like a fantasy-garden grew up around her finger while she was sleeping. It’s like a fairy godmother popped out of a pumpkin and turned a garden gnome into diamond. It’s like Aladdin’s Genie floated over and gave her two of Aladdin’s three wishes. They are gorgeous: White gold, impeccable flower details, hand-engraving, and the most incredible little scroll-work on the engagement ring’s shank.

But really the craziest thing about these rings is that there was no fairy godmother, fantasy-garden, or fabled genie. Just a beautiful vision of what the rings could be, and hand-crafted artistry from a master jeweler and a master engraver. These rings were very-much created in reality. Now they’re making the wearer’s dreams come true.

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