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Hot off the Bench: Past Meets the Present with a Coat of Arms Wedding Band


Part of what I love about working at Custom Jewelry is getting to merge the past with the present. In a custom jewelry and repair shop, this can happen in many different ways. Sometimes a client will bring in an old worn out ring and want to restore it to it’s former glory. Other times, a person will bring in old earrings that have sentimental value, but they never wear. So we make them into cuff links or rings or another accessory they love. And then there are times like this ring, where we create a completely new piece of jewelry, but get to tie it into the past.

Men's-lion-family-crest-wedding-bandOur client needed a wedding band. He didn’t want a traditional, plain men’s wedding band though. He figured that if he was going to wear a ring for the rest of his life, he wanted it to remind him about where he was from. So, he came to us with the concept of incorporating his family’s coat of arms into the band. He brought us pictures of family crests and the coat of arms that had been passed down to him, and Lee started to work his magic. He designed a simple band that would fit a truncated version of the arms. Once created, the ring and the picture of the arms were handed over to our wonderful engraver, and he started to weave his magic. When the ring came back it got a coat of rhodium plating, was shined up, and then presented to it’s owner. The white gold and lions rampart really give it an antique feel, and bring a little bit of one family’s history to the present for it’s next generation.

Men's-lion-family-crest-wedding-bandMen's wedding band 4           Men's-lion-family-crest-wedding-band

So how do you stay connected to the past in your family? Do you have a special family heirloom that has been passed down over the generations? Let us know in the comments.

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Art Deco Decadence

Blue Sapphire Art Deco RingHere at Custom we pride ourselves on pushing the limits of traditional when it comes to creating custom engagement rings, wedding sets, and anniversary bands. That being said, we appreciate the classics elements found in all beautiful and well-made art. And nothing says classic like the glitz, glamour, and architectural brilliance of the Art Deco movement.

The Art Deco time period is most commonly associated with the 1930s: think Great Gatsby, think Chrysler Building, think classic Rolls-Royce. However, the movement encompasses the entire time period from 1920 to post World War II 1940s. Originating in France, the movement spread widely, influencing most European nations as well as the United States. Even though the style can be occasionally mixed up with the Art Nouveau movement, there are distinct differences between the two time periods.

While both movements started in Europe and are characterized by rich, ornate styling, the Art Nouveau movement draws its inspirations from nature; where as Art Deco is unapologetically industrialist. Favoring squared-off lines to billowing waves, geometric patterns to organic shapes, and clean symmetry to asymmetrical artistry, Art Deco is not afraid to flaunt the spoils of the time period’s technological advancements, and this is great news for the jewelry lover.

During the Art Deco time period diamonds reigned as king, further distancing itself from the opals and pearls of its predecessor, Art Nouveau. Also, during this time period, classic jewelry houses, such as Cartier and Tiffany, emerged as the forward-thinking trendsetters, influencing many  talented modern-day designers, including those at Custom.

When looking for Art Deco jewelry keep an eye out for the cool, smooth metalsmithing of the time period. The glamour of white gold, and a mix of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and onyx stones. So, feast your eyes on some classic construction from the great designers of the 1930s, and give us a shout out when you want to create your next Custom, Gatsby-inspired piece.


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Raw Diamond Free Form Engagement Ring

A & S Dowell Raw diamond GOld edited 550x 340Stepping away from the traditional is just a way of life for some people. Although, this piece has some elements of a typical engagement ring, this Raw Diamond Free Form Engagement Ring otherwise leaves tradition behind. The ring is centered by a deep, silvery-brown, raw diamond. That diamond is surround by an organic, hand carved band, reminiscent of leaves or tree branches. We look forward to seeing this ring again out on the town. Congratulations guys!


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Hand Engraved Two Tone Flower Engagement Ring


Green gold flower statement ring

Custom jewelry, especially, can hold a great deal of meaning to its owner. In the case of this Hand Engraved Two Tone Flower Engagement Ring each stone: emerald, amethyst, alexandrite, topaz, and diamond holds great meaning to the owner. It is a great privilege for us to be part of such an important piece of someone’s life. It is these personal connections that make what we do so rewarding. Thank you!


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Heart Shape Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring

It is gratifying when things work out. It all fell into place concerning this Heart Shape Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring. The owner was in love with the style of ring. However, the husband to be could only find it in silver, set with cubic zirconias. There is a reason for that. Usually, when gem cutters get their hands on a pink sapphire of this size, they cut it into more popular shapes. Luckily, the husband brought the project to us. We removed the stones from the silver ring, made a mold of it, and then cast it in white gold. Both the mold, and the casting came out just a bit smaller than the original ring. It took a great deal of searching, but we were then able to find a pink, heart-shaped sapphire to fit the slightly smaller copy of the original ring. We then surrounded the sapphire with diamonds; creating what is undoubtedly another very unique engagement ring.